Survivors’ Research Advisory Group

“Nothing about us, without us.”

Are you preparing a grant application or research proposal that features survivors of sexual violence? Get feedback on your proposal from SEMA members by submitting your proposal to our new Survivor’s Research Advisory Group.

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What is a Research Advisory Group?

With the creation of the research advisory group (RAG), research will be carried out ‘with’ or ‘by’ survivors rather than ‘to’, ‘about’ or ‘for’ them. The RAG aims to establish a more representative and active community of people with lived experience working together with research teams/service providers so that the studies and services better respond to their needs. 


Why are Research Advisory Groups important?

Involving people with lived experience in the design of research can:

  • Provide a unique and necessary perspective, ensuring services, plans and activities respond to specific needs and priorities of a specific population group;
  • Foster communication with a wider audience;
  • Prevent one-sided relationships with the academic community and overlapping research;
  • Affect how proposals are developed to change the way services are provided or policies are written;
  • Help make decisions that directly affect outcomes of the target population.


What is expected of researchers?

  • Details about the research, including a brief outline of the proposed methodology, potential outcomes, and any ethical considerations.
  • Concise but informative written summary of the research proposal (no more than 500 words).
  • Researchers should clearly demonstrate the potential impact of the research – impact should affect or change outcomes of its beneficiaries.


How can researchers submit their proposals to the Survivors’ Research Advisory Group:

     1.   Complete our online form

     2.   Outline the type of input you require and the deadline by which you    require feedback.

Please note:

As we launch this new initiative, we can only accept applications in English at present. Currently there is no fee for this service but donations for the time and resources of survivors spent on applications are always welcome. All information submitted will be treated with the strictest confidentiality and will not be shared beyond the advisory team.


For more information you can contact the group facilitator, Kimberley Anderson at: