Poems by SEMA Members (English)

In 2019, SEMA members joined capacity-building trainings in Geneva, including a Creative Writing Workshop, delivered by Lutheran World Federation.  

The workshop was dedicated to creative writing and expression in order to foster self-esteem. This exercise was about daring to say and write positive things about oneself, discovering and praising one’s inner wealth of qualities and experiences and, lastly, recognising one’s dignity, desire to live and inner strength. This original psychosocial support tool develops self-esteem as well as respect and cohesion in the group, as everyone is invited to express one’s unique experiences in a caring environment. There is no right or wrong, and everyone’s expression was welcomed and valued.

The aim of these sessions was to unite all team members around a shared vision, values and objectives and to strengthen the culture of co-responsibility, co-solidarity and sisterhood within the network.

The individual poems were written during this workshop.