Why donate to SEMA?

Your donation goes directly to activist survivors who are multiplying their impact in their communities.

Your tax-deductible contribution to this young network helps ensure that more SEMA members are able to connect with reliable internet access. In many parts of the world, the factor that limits internet connection is the cost. Being able to go online means SEMA members can communicate with one another directly far more easily, and can coordinate awareness raising campaigns together. Being able to go online means SEMA members can build both community and individual capacities through online training and coaching. Being able to go online means these survivors can better share their stories, and speak out on their terms.

Why is my donation going to The Mukwege Foundation?

As a global community of survivors, SEMA is not legally registered, which prevents it from fundraising activities. Therefore, your donation for the SEMA Network will be channeled through the Mukwege Foundation. The Mukwege Foundation facilitated the establishment of the SEMA Network in 2017 and has been supporting survivors in their advocacy efforts ever since. In addition, as requested by survivors, the Foundation acts as the secretariat for the SEMA Network, coordinating SEMA’s activities and engagement in regional and global forums.

How do I donate to the SEMA Network?

The easiest, fastest way to help is by donating online.

Your donation can be in your local currency, using your credit card, PayPal or other payment methods.



How do I make a bank transfer?

It’s also possible to make your donation by bank transfer if you prefer, but do make sure to write SEMA in the reference/description section.

IBAN: NL06 ABNA 0402 6314 47


Are tax donations deductible?

Yes! The Mukwege Foundation is registered in the Netherlands as a Public Benefit Organisation, with ANBI status (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling), which means it is tax deductible in this country.


How can I get a receipt for my donation?

If you wish to receive a receipt for your donation, please contact us at info@mukwegefoundation.org.