Exhibition at the Hague Central Library 

The SEMA’s portrait exhibition at the Hague Central Library opened on January 20th, 2023, and lasted until April 20th.

With the QR-code, visitors could download the SEMA book from which are extracted the SEMA portraits showcased at the exhibition. 

Breaking the Silence: Turning Pain into Power

The exhibition features photos of documentary photographer, Rachel Corner, whose works highlight humanitarian crises across the world.

This exposition shows portraits of survivors that were made during the SEMA retreat where SEMA members were able to reconnect with each other, strengthen their network, share experiences and successes.

These images show strong survivors who want the world to get acquainted with their stories and show their faces to break the circle of silence and stigma. Alongside the photo’s, visitors were able to read survivors’ quotes to allow for a stronger and personal understanding of their experiences, the effects of these horrific crimes on their lives and their journey to become an activist.